I'm Tanya - textile designer by trade, creative at heart , wife and mum to a one year old bundle of fun. 

Those who know me think I'm loud and vivacious and you'll probably hear me before you see me!

This is true for all aspects of my life including the work I create. I love combining the hand drawn with digital design and simply can't go past bold, bright colour! A lot of my work is inspired by historical art and design, architectural details and ethnic pattern.

When I'm not working at my design job, I create for Wild Coral and am  almost always drawing florals.

Can't wait to share my world with you.

It's pretty simple really - I'm here because, I LOVE IT.

I love what I do and am beyond blessed that I even discovered textile design all those years ago and today, I'm able to do it for a living. 

Wild Coral exists because I have an overflowing desire and passion to create beautiful prints , all day, every day and that is exactly what I do here. 

This is my unique space where I hope to share with you and show you, that a world of filled with pattern and colour is beautiful and inspiring.


Who doesn't want a bit more of that in their life right?


From my creative heart to yours x

So, what is Wild Coral? I'm so glad you asked!

Wild Coral is the alter-ego under which I create exclusive artwork for fashion, lifestyle and stationery brands.

Think - textiles, packaging, paper goods, event stationery, ceramics - anything! You name it and we can create a beautiful pattern for it.

The story of how it began, goes back to a time when I was in between jobs and decided to dabble in freelance design. 

What started as a side-hustle to keep me busy, has now become a little hub of creativity and design and I look forward to all the exciting projects to come from it.

Fun Fact -

The name itself is a made-up one, which a colleague once defined as - my 'spirit colour'  

It had faded from my memory for several years, until it came time to name my business. Suddenly it was the only thing that came to mind and stuck!

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