Custom Design Process

The process outlined below is a guideline on what you can expect for all custom work.

Every project is different, this is why the creative consult is key so we can make sure that the process

is tailored to suit each clients unique requirements.

If you're all set with your project details and you are ready to commit to an involved but rewarding creative process

then please fill out this form and we can take it from there.


Custom Design.

When you have a creative vision you just have to see translated into a print!

01. Consult/Chat

We begin with a chat either via email or a call, even better if we can do it in person. We'll discuss your project and tick off the nitty gritty details so we can make sure we're a good fit. If it's a yes, then I will go ahead and prepare a quote and contract for your approval.

02. Get booked in!

If we're all good to go on the quote and contract. Payment usually follows a 20-30-50 breakdown.

 20% of the project fee is due at the time of booking (non-refundable) and that confirms your spot on the Wild Coral calendar (and I make sure no one else crosses over on that!) 30% of the project fee is due prior to beginning design work and the remainder 50% is due before the handover of all approved artwork. Once we agree on a start date I will send you a working timeline so we're on track with our deliverables for the duration of the project. 

03. Creative Brainstorm

Love this part! Everything about the creative process is a collaboration. I believe my clients know their product and brand best and I live and breathe the creative and technical design side of things. I like to tap into our areas of expertise at all times to make sure we're creating something 100% authentic and exclusive to you.


Either over zoom or an in person meeting, we really sink into the nuts and bolts of the project fleshing out key things like design aesthetic, inspiration and mood, expected outcomes and really honing in on the creative direction for the project.

I work on mood boards to visually illustrate all of our ideas and make sure we're on the same page before moving on

to the design phase.

04. Design Development

Once the creative direction has been set and the visual vibe approved, then I begin to develop exclusive artwork for the illustrations and/or patterns we are working on.

I firmly believe in an iterative and collaborative process when it comes to design so I will be checking in with you

every step of the way. I will rely on you to provide timely feedback and any specifics when it comes to production specs and/or limitations that might impact the approach to design.


You can check out the services page for textile design, motif+illustration or surface design for a further breakdown of the design phase for each of these offers and all the project deliverables. 

05. Tweak + Refine

 All custom design projects include two rounds of revisions, the scope of which will be outlined in your contract. 

This is where we review and make changes as needed to get things looking spot on aesthetically while making sure all the technical specs are in order for the production side of things.

06. Signed, Sealed + Delivered

This is where we call it quits. Just kidding!

Following sign off on all artwork and final payment, I will transfer over all files in the required formats ready for you

to hit the go button on production for your collection. There is almost always a chat or two needed once samples come back so I'm always happy to schedule a call to discuss any further requirements you may have

to get things to where they need to be.

Once you've launched your product or collection, I'll have a virtual vino cheering you on from my end and also sit back to enjoy the rewards of what I hope would be an amazing experience!

So, are you in?

Creative Process

Less is more when it comes to our custom projects so we take on a limited number of new clients per month to ensure that each project gets the time and attention it deserves.

You will consult directly with me (Yay!), and I always aim to keep my clients involved in the process every step of the way. 

Outlined below is a guide to the process followed for all custom print projects.

Timing is scaled according to the size of the project but it is often wise to dedicate a minimum of 4-6 weeks to achieve the best possible design outcomes.




Tell people more about the services you offer. Add your own content here.



Tell people more about the services you offer. Add your own content here.



Tell people more about the services you offer. Add your own content here.


Consult + Cuppa


Creative Brainstorm


Design + Refine


Signed + Delivered