Hello + Welcome!

Updated: Oct 17, 2019


I'm Tanya. Welcome to the Wild Coral Blog.

(and...this awkward photo of me, staring right at you. Haha!)

I just want to say, it means the world to me that you're reading this and I hope you'll enjoy getting to know me, as much as I look forward to knowing you.

If you’ve wandered around my website you’ve probably read all the wordy professional backstory - but I’m hoping to dive in a bit deeper here. So, stick with me!

I'd be a very happy person if this blog were to become a space where we can catch up, share creative adventures , celebrate good times and bad but most of all, just be friends!

So, this is an open invite to all you fellow designers and creatives at heart - Join me in the Wild Coral World for a chat about all things design and if you like, a bit about life too!

I'll do my best to help, inspire and support the creative path you're on, by sharing my own.

Now, I'm sure you're dying to know more about me (I wish!) so here goes...

I live in Sydney, Australia with my husband and extremely cheeky, baby boy

who is growing up way too fast! I moved here almost five years ago from Melbourne to begin my first 'big girl' design job and little did I expect to end up married with kids all in a five year plan that I didn't quite make.

(Yep, God has a sense of humour!)

After being on maternity leave for a year, I recently returned part time to a job I love, in the commercial design world. Even though the mum guilt is REAL, being at work is a brain break and personally, gives me the balance in life that I need. When I'm not designing at work, I spend whatever time I can, creating fun things for Wild Coral and just incase you haven't noticed - I'm sucker for florals, bright colour and bold prints.

This obsession with creative stuff dates back to my primary school days where I spent my weekends drawing and painting into old invoice books my dad used to bring home for me. As weird as it may sound, growing up I actually wanted to become a doctor. Lucky for all that didn't happen, because I think I use a paint brush better than I would a scalpel!

Fast forward a decade later - I accidentally stumbled upon Textile Design while (unsuccessfully) attempting to be a Fashion Designer! At first I was skeptical about changing course, but once I researched it a bit more, I felt the fog lift and realised that’s where I needed to be. As creative, wonderful and exciting as fashion design was - I never quite felt that sense of being where I belong.

Textiles on the other hand - felt like ‘home’ , and the rest as they say, is history.

I now create for Wild Coral, alongside my job in interior textiles and while it's still in its early days and a big work in progress, there is no where else I’d rather put in the effort.

Thanks for making it to the end of this long-ish post and I promise to bring you as much positive, creative energy I can muster in the days to come!



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