Create a work year that works for you - Part One

Updated: Feb 27

Firstly, I need you to know how happy I am that you’re here reading this. I hope my own personal thought process in setting intentions for the year, helps give you a little more clarity and insight about work related decisions, especially in these early months of the year where goal setting and planning is at its peak! Let’s get stuck in!

Truth be told, this is my first year of setting up actionable systems and staying accountable. As a mum of two, one being a new baby, these changes were born out of sheer necessity but a few weeks into implementing it, I'm wondering why I haven’t done it before!

Running a business from home can be so ‘reactive’ sometimes, that’s why intentions like this are so important and useful in getting us unstuck, helping us be more pro active and grow in a way that works best for us and our business.

Now, as tempted as I am to go into more detail on the ‘why’ , I think it’s the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ that you’ll find most valuable, so here goes.

If you meet me, I’m often a ‘more is less’ type of personality especially when it comes to talking, thinking and sheer doing. So, a word for the year seemed almost too small to contain what I was intending, which led me to crafting out two ‘PHRASES’ instead.

Run my own race

Explore new ways

For a few weeks I let these concepts simmer and to be honest, they didn't mean much until projects/enquiries started to come in and work seemed to gain a bit of momentum. In the past this has always brought with it overwhelm and anxiety over how, why and if I should accommodate all of it while still being able to prioritise being a present wife and mum.

Enter - My phrases of the year!

I cannot describe how useful it has been to gravitate the weight of every work related decision back to my intent for the year. I use these phrases as a guideline on whether or not I approach/accept a project and if I do, how do I do it effectively and efficiently.

For the first part of this series, I'd like to focus on what run my own race means for me and Wild Coral as a young, growing business.

I’m sure there are many ways to reflect on this, but here’s a breakdown of the thought process I go through.


I'll bet you’ve heard the saying, comparison is a thief of joy?

When it comes to work though, I believe it’s actually a thief of progress. I’ve fallen down that trap several times (and still do!) often comparing myself to other mum’s who seemingly manage all the work things and life things with enviable ease. I would very easily let these thoughts hinder my momentum, progress and tragically, my love for what I do.

As of this year however, I always bring it back to these questions -

  • Is the work that I’m currently doing/taking on allowing me to maintain my first priority which is my home and family?

  • Is my time spent on tackling the unique needs, capability and time availability of my business and life? Or, is it an attempt to run my race in someone else’s lane. If it is, then I let it go instantly and bring it back to what works for me and my season of life.

  • Are the business goals and plans I’m setting/making, a reflection of what I can do versus what I think I should be doing.

Applying these thoughts and questions to every business decision, helps me separate quality from quantity and takes away the anxiety and overwhelm in doing so.

Is there ever FOMO you ask? Heck yes! Saying no to projects or bigger goals will always leave me a bit uneasy. While everyone's circumstance is different, for the most part we all suffer from the 'am i doing enough' syndrome. However, I've learnt (still learning!) that working less doesn’t mean less progress, it just means progress that works for you instead of against you!

Working less doesn’t mean less progress. It means progress that works FOR you, instead of against you!

So, there it is.

If any of this struck a chord with you, or even if you breathed a sigh of relief knowing that you're not alone, then that's my job done! I would love to hear more if you decided to create a phrase for the year or maybe even a word, if that’s more your thing ;)

I'm often lurking around Instagram, so if you’re ever on there, drop me a DM or comment on my posts over @wild_coral. Let’s keep talking and cheer each other on while running our own race, in our own unique lanes!

Next week, EXPLORING NEW WAYS! It’s a fun one and I’ll share a few ideas on how I got started.

See you then x


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